Maps and map enthusiasts have previously gained reputations as odd-balls, for being stuffy and living in the past. However, we don’t agree and think mapping is all about marking the world as it is now. With the increased use of the internet and electronic maps, this traditional view couldn’t be further from the truth. Here at Maps International we always knew mapping was cool – seems like the rest of the world is finally waking up to this!

Maps in Popular Culture

Maps are currently in the centre of popular culture with a best selling book, a television season and several exhibitions based purely around the humble map!

Mike Parker's Map Addict

Mike Parker’s Map Addict

Recently Mike Parker has written ‘Map Addict’ which charts his love of maps which begun in early childhood and has intensified over the years. His popular book has engaged the British public and their love of maps.

The BBC are also joining in with the fascination of maps! BBC4 has a mini-season of map-related programmes called The Beauty of Maps. This is scheduled run is to coincide with the British Library’s new Mapping exhibition, and highlight the beauty and skill of cartography. Recently the library has recently shown the “London: A life in Maps” exhibition and is going to launch “Magnificence Maps: Power, Propaganda and Art” which brings together 100 of their best maps, from a collection of 4.5million.

As Mike Parker says, “despite internet doom-mongers prophesying the demise of the paper map, there has never been a better time to dig deep into the fascinating and sometimes brutal world of cartography.”

The rise of internet mapping such as the freely available Google Earth/Maps has actually increased our interest in mapping, as it gives us a greater sense of our position relative to the rest of the world, as well as providing some stunning scenes.

Based on on an article in the Daily Telegraph 11/4/10.

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