It’s just weeks away until Christmas! Follow these home decor tips and you’ll be well on your way to a ho-ho-home in no time!

Ah, Christmas! Turkeys in the oven, the John Lewis advert incessantly played on telly, and the congested football fixtures to get through. Not to mention having all the family over, the board games and oh so much pudding! We can hardly wait!

Evocative, isn’t it? But no Christmas is truly complete without some dress rehearsal. We’ve got a few festive ideas on how you can get your home all prepped and how to deck your halls (and walls!) with the very best!

1. Window Dressing

There’s nothing quite like a first impression for a home, and it begins before you even enter the house. There’s a lot you can do with the exterior of your home and your garden without creating an eyesore for your neighbours or setting up lights that can be seen from the nearest motorway.

Maps International Christmas Decor Tips 1 Window Image

Sticky snowflakes are always cute for windows. You could also go a bit Scandi and place some large pine cones around the inside of your window, alongside a green potted plant. If you do have lights on your exteriors, make them subtle by not covering every inch Finish up with a traditional wreath on your front door.

2. Subtle Colour tones

Christmas Decor Tips 1 Living room

Light brown tones are definitely in for Autumn so leading into Christmas Day, why not adopt more of a Scandi style, across every room in your home. Adorn your chairs or sofas with a nice fluffy throw, which will complement your lighter coloured furniture and especially a grey or white wall.

3. Separate spaces

Christmas-Decor-Tips-2-Living room

Not all of us are blessed with tons of room in our home, and most houses and flats may well be open plan. Therefore you may not be able to go all out with decorating and furniture purchases if you’re after a winter makeover. Here’s three ways you can allocate space effectively

  1. Place a ‘separator’ to mark off where your living room space ends, and where your kitchen begins. It could be something as subtle as a small rug on the floor to make an imaginary border.
  2. Keep a single wall in your home free from wall hangings which will give your room the illusion of having more space. In general principle, a window wall is best for this.
  3. Potted plants! When it’s dour weather outside and all the leaves are gone, you’ll still have some bright colours indoors!

4. Deck the Walls!


Remember a minute ago where we said leave one wall empty? Well, do the opposite on the other side! Stick with the subtle brown theme and pick up a light coloured wall map to go with the rest of your colours. This Executive World Map is absolutely perfect for fall and winter, and has been our most popular item this season!


If you’re struggling for space, you could deck a table with a Personalised Postcode map. Reading a personal message will definitely put you in the mood for gifting and for Christmas!

Mapping Pro Tip

On Christmas Day, use Personalised Place Name Cards to make sure you have everyone seated at the right place. Place Name cards that work for Weddings can double up as delightful Christmas table places as well!