If we’re all going to be stuck indoors, we may as well make our work from home experience the best it could possibly be. It’s quite possible that the changes over the last few weeks, has not really changed the mindset of some of you, especially if you’ve always worked from home. For others though, these 3 weeks have probably been quite tough, settling into a new routine of finding a dedicated amount of time to focus on work, and the discipline to see it through.

Finding the right space and making it yours will go a long way in making sure that you’re able to concentrate. A wall map can be a colourful addition to that space, and you can pick one that’s a reflection of your surroundings and your own unique personality traits. Not everyone needs the same wall map style, we all respond to different kinds of stimulus. So we thought we’d put together 3 unique ones that may well improve your work from home hours!


Inspirational Wall Maps

As mentioned above, some of us need a little more of a forceful push than others. You’d be surprised how much an inspirational message to glance at every now and then, can motivate someone to keep going! There’s several ways you can pick up a nice quote on a map. You could of course personalise our best selling World Wall Map Political as above, or you could go smaller with one of our Travel Quote prints. Our personal favourite is Susan Sontag! Or pick up a lovely print of our Scratch the World® Travel edition, to remind you of all the wonderful places you’ve been and can plan to visit when this all blows over!

Quote Map Prints


Artistic Wall Maps

UK as Art Map Gravlax

No home office or work from home space is truly complete without a pop of colour. Luckily we’ve got a wide variety of art map collections to choose from. Take our UK as Art wall maps, for instance. There are 10 exciting shades to choose from, both subtle and chic in tone, that will make any room feel positively brighter! They’d really look great in a modern interior or Scandinavian home setting. We’ve also got some lovely art world wall maps to choose from. Artistic maps can really accentuate your personality!

Artistic Wall Maps - Pink


Reference Wall Maps

If you’re the type of person that’s more excited by data and numbers over creative design, our range of reference wall maps with cartographic detail are a fine choice for your work from home space. If you’re looking to recreate office-like environments, we’d particularly like to suggest the British Isles Routeplanning Map, available in a stunning variety of sizes and finishes. It’s got every bit of information you’ll need including major roads in the UK, motorway routes, airports and transport links.

British Isles Routeplanning Map

British Isles Routeplanning Map