Getting Creative with Maps

by Belphoebe New on July 19th, 2012

Are paper maps really a lost form? The BBC recently published a story speculating on whether this is the case. The story claims that due to the rise in technological advancements such as Google maps and Sat navs, people are no longer looking to paper maps to find their way around. Here at Maps International, we feel that though people may be starting to rely on technological advancements more and more, paper maps still retain both a practical and stylistic significance. And here’s the proof!

Sure, it was a long time ago when maps were just for helping you to find your way. Now we’re covering our walls with them, wearing them or even making our own. Maps as home décor have been included everywhere from Elle Magazine to Country Living.

From Elle Magazine

From Elle Magazine


Maps International wallpaper

Maps International have been in on the creative action for a while!

Via Dysfunctional Designs

A creative way of using an old map to brighten up your home!

As the largest online source for maps and map gifts, we feel we’re doing our bit to get the country coordinated. Now, we’re getting creative. Using maps as decoration is a stylish and bright addition to any home, as well as being educational and entertaining for the kids. Over the next few weeks we’ll be encouraging and inspiring you to get creative with maps. Yes, we’re asking you, our customers, to get involved. Whether you’re using maps to makeover your room, making map related gifts or even drawing your own cartographic masterpiece,we want to know about it! As an extra incentive,we’ll be running competitions and offering exclusive discounts to support you with your designer flair.

Fancy some inspiration? Why not look at our Pinterest Board with images we collected especially for the campaign? Or look at thesebrilliantarticles from Shelterpop and Squidoo on mapping as home decor. Watch this space, there’s much more to come!